CFP: Outlaw Networks (Leeds 2023)

This is for a hybrid session at the International Medieval Conference in Leeds  (3 to 6 July, 2023).

Outlaw Networks

Although they sometimes work alone, outlaws in history and literature always belong to a series of networks. They exist alongside, within or outside communities, and have groups of supporters, opponents and comrades. Outlaw stories depend for their dissemination on networks and groups, and the stories themselves exist within groups of related narratives. This session examines some of these networks, and the individuals and groups who inhabit them. Possible topics for this session may include the following:

familial networks, bonds, relations
gendered networks
guild and mercantile networks
ecclesiastical and royal administrative networks
networks of texts, authors, editors, and printers
environmental networks
social “networking” of characters and authors

If you have anything you would like to present on any of these themes, either medieval or neo-medieval, please contact me, Lesley, by close of play on Friday 23rd September, with a working title and a short (but interesting!) abstract of around 100-200 words. That will give me a few days to organise and fill in the forms.

My emails are &
Lesley Coote BA PhD FHEA
Fellow of the Department of English, Creative Writing and American Studies
University of Hull
Series Chair: “Medieval Identities in Socio-Cultural Spaces”
Series Co-editor: “Outlaws in Literature, History, and Culture”

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