ICMS CFP: Medieval and Medievalist Masculinities (A Roundtable)

Medieval and Medievalist Masculinities (A Roundtable)

Contact email: sigal@wfu.edu

Delivery mode: fully online

Principal Sponsoring Organization: TEAMS (Teaching Association for Medieval Studies)

“The search for a transcendent, timeless definition of manhood is a sociological phenomenon – we search for the timeless and eternal during moments of crisis….” Michael Kimmel, Manhood in America.” The current conflict between those who reject traditional models of manhood and those who attempt to forcibly impose such models reveals the culturally contingent nature of masculinity. This roundtable invites discussion of the following: How do medievalist fantasies engage with the question of masculinity? How might medieval texts provide alternatives to reductive definitions of masculinity? What are the intersections among medievalism, toxic masculinity and white supremacy?

Deadline for New Submissions: Friday, September 15, 2023; abstracts must be submitted through the ICMS website for consideration.

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