GLOBAL MEDIEVALISM: culture, appropriations and reinventions

Call for Papers

International Conference: Global Medievalism April 28-30, 2021

From Q-Shaman’s tattoos to Game of Thrones’ resounding success, the medieval is undoubtedly the order of the day. With this popularity, the need to understand the origins of these many representations of the Middle Ages, their mistakes, interests, inspirations and objectives, is also reinforced. The field of study of medievalism is currently the fastest growing within medieval studies around the world. In Brazil, it could not be different: over the past 5 years, we have seen more and more academic and dissemination works focused on the reception of the medieval and an increasing interest in the subject.

Organized by GEHM (Grupo de História Medieval-Unimontes) and by the Estate University of Montes Claros, Brazil, this conference was conceived in dialogue with professors and researchers from different countries and institutions, aiming to put the Brazilian public in direct contact with the international academic debates in medievalism studies.

The conference is accepting papers, and entire sessions, submitted in Portuguese, English or Spanish. The selected works will, later, be considered for a digital peer-reviewed publication. Submissions are open until April 11, 2021.
This is a 100% online conference to reduce foreign interaction costs and per the precautionary measures recommended by WHO concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information, please see the website:

– Each participant may submit up to 2 papers.
– Proposals for entire sessions can include a maximum of up to 6 people divided into two tables of 3.
– Papers in Portuguese, English and Spanish will be accepted. The themes of the proposals must include medievalisms, neo-medievalisms or medieval reception. Papers that work with representations and memories of the medieval period and the history of historiography about the period are also welcome.
– In addition to the abstract (maximum of 500 words), it is possible, but not mandatory, to send the full text upon registration. This can assist in the evaluation of the proposal.
– A revised version of the full text may be sent from April 30 to September 30, 2021, to compose the e-book of the event’s proceedings.
– For proposals for a complete session, the abstract must (in up to 600 words) describe the theme as a whole, as well as clearly identify what each proponent will talk about.

– The evaluation, acceptance, or elimination of submission are the conference’s Scientific Council’s responsibility through a double-blind reviewing process.

General Observations:
– The certificate of presentation will be issued only to presenters who were not absent during the entire panel in which they participated.
– The result will be published on the website until April 25, 2021

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